Wagner In The News –Transloading’s Upward Track in The Journal of Commerce

The nature of how goods move by rail is changing. Shippers are increasingly opting for a shipping method known as transloading over standard intact containers, according to an article in the August 19 edition of The Journal of Commerce. The term transloading refers to products arriving via ship in port and then being transferred to a domestic container before being shipped inland by rail. Wagner Logistics president John Wagner Jr. is quoted in the article, written by Peter Tirshwell, explaining this recent change.  “There are several reasons why it makes sense that transloading is growing. One is that 40-foot containers have limited utility in the interior. Because ocean carriers ultimately need their containers back on a ship whether empty or filled, a container that lands in, say Dallas, can’t be reloaded and sent to Chicago or Atlanta, or at least it doesn't make a lot of sense to do that because it doesn’t get it any closer to a port.”

You can read the entire article here.

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