The strength and innovation of our IT group has allowed Wagner to grow, adapt and overcome. The team of professionals work tirelessly to ensure our customers have the visibility they need while remaining nimble enough to develop unique solutions in new territories. New and existing customers alike tout the ability of our technology and operational teams to implement lightning fast startups.

We focus on cost-effective and timely solutions in enterprise applications, systems integration and infrastructure spaces. This allows our customers to be ready day-one with access to inventories, shipments and reporting at a fraction of the cost (50-60% less) of starting up the same options on their own.

Our strategy is to focus on making sure we get the most out of the hardware and software we have, along with researching new technology, automation of existing process and exploring unique ways to leverage big data.

Wagner partners with vendors who give us the access to develop great systems in a dynamic environment. Focus on your vision and we will handle this end. All shareholders gain visibility of milestones, tasks and ownership during startups and transitions. We take pride in our reputation of being a service-centric team and the form true partnerships with our customers.